Jasmine Vine Green Tea in a Tin


Jasmine Vine Green Tea in a Tin

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River's Mouth Trading Company's Twin Creek Tea comes in an attractive and useful airtight can.  Every variety has a different breathtaking image of Alaska, and makes a lovely and thoughtful gift.

A sensationally smooth green tea highlighted by the seductive scent of fragrant Jasmine blossoms.  Elevates mood and can have aphrodisiac qualities.  Healthfully rich in antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, aids digestions and weight loss.

Ingredients:  Jasmine Flower infused into Organic Pan-fired Green Tea

Light Caffeine 

Our signature sachets allow room for the tea leaves to expand - ensuring a better brew.  Each sachet brews 2-3 cups or a small pot of tea.

Directions: Bring water to full boil, steep for 1-3 minutes.  Serve hot or cold.  Flavor to your liking.