Jasmine - Wood Wick Candle

Jasmine Wood Wick Candle 

For hundreds of years, Jasmine has been highly prized for both medicinal properties and it’s exotic scent. It is a delicately sweet scent that is light and floral. Often associated with wealth, luxury, and considered beautiful and romantic, this scent is definitely one to check out. This scent is moderately strong with a full range of floral scents. Most who enjoy this scent also love our other floral scents like Spring Lilac and Honeysuckle. Wood Wick Candle Information: This candle is made with 100% soy wax which burns clean. It has a double wick system to make lighting easy and ensure that you get your full burn time without any wick failures. It also has a modified fragrance oil that does not contain the chemical responsible for most people’s “candle headaches.”