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Chocolate Mint Herbal Loose Tea

Chocolate Mint Herbal Loose Tea

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Chocolate Mint Herbal Loose Tea

This delicious and refreshing blend of Green Tea, Moroccan Peppermint and Belgian Chocolate makes a great desert tea.

Each tin contains over 2 ounces of loose tea, which brews up to 32 cups of tea.

Our unique Alaskan photo labels on wonderful reusable tins ensure that this tea is a gift everyone will appreciate.

Ingredients:  Rooibos, Mint Leaves, Cocoa Nibs and Natural Flavoring.  Contains light caffeine from cocoa only.

Directions:  Bring water to a full boil.  Steep 1 tsp for 1 - 3 minutes.  Brews 2-3 cups. Serve hot or cold.  Flavor to your liking!

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