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Bamboo Mason Jar Lid | Narrow

Bamboo Mason Jar Lid | Narrow

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A handmade bamboo lid that provides perfectly smooth snap-on action for your mason jars! Great for bringing your beverages on-the-go, having a cocktail at the beach, and for children to enjoy juice without spilling it! Turn any regular mouth or wide mouth mason jar into a tumbler. The diameter of the straw hole is 0.55 inch and works with most re-usable straws (yes, even Boba straws!). *Does not include straw or mason jar *If the lid is popping out, make sure the rim of the jar is completely dry then try twisting and pushing the lid down at the same time. Washing directions: Hand wash in warm water after each use. Do not soak. The silicone ring is removable so you can clean underneath it as well.


2 3/4” wide + 1/2” tall

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